Problem in my ear

Rachid طرحت منذ 4 سنوات
Hello Doctor I suffer from severe head pain, sometimes dizziness, severe tinnitus in the ear.
I hope I will get your answer very soon because I don't know what happened to me.

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دكتورة اسراء عمران إدارة الموقع answered 4 سنوات
you need to visit your doctor to examine you by otoscope 
there are many causes to these  symptoms
 among them : earwax blockage ,
meniere's disease ,
  inner ear disorders and ear bone stiffness
age related hearing loss
exposure to loud noise , 
Tempromandibular joint disorders
acoustic neuroma
high blood pressure
drug side effect 
so no one can know the cause with out examining you , you should visit your doctor as soon as possible

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